Legal Aid is Available

Funding Your Case

Whether your case is publicly or privately funded, we aim to do everything we can to ensure you receive the best legal advice.

Legal Aid is available for people who need legal advice or assistance but are unable to pay for a lawyer themselves. The money comes from the Government and is administered by the Legal Aid Agency. The Legal Aid Agency applies rules about who can get legal aid and for which matters.

The rules around legal aid are complicated, for more information and explanation of the Legal Aid Agency’s rules please click here.

We can offer legal advice under the legal help/aid scheme on most matters, if you are eligible. If you do not qualify for legal aid and/or your matter is not covered by legal aid, and you would like to proceed privately, we can discuss the best arrangements for you to fund your case.

We are committed to ensuring that we are always clear about how much we believe it will cost for us to conclude your case and the various ways to administer that cost.

We appreciate that every client’s circumstances vary, and we are flexible in our approach to agreeing to work to different budgets, fixed fees and in certain cases conditional fee agreements.

You may wish to instruct us only to represent you in court or to assist you in completing an application for example, and we are happy to come to such an arrangement for a fixed fee.

Should you wish you discuss your case for an overview of your legal options before committing yourself or simply want to clarify certain aspects of your case, we offer a set fee of £100 which consists of a consultation lasting around one hour. Costs for any work and/or payment plans can be discussed during your consultation, should you decide to proceed with matter.

We provide private funding at reasonable rates. If you wish to have an overview of what those costs might be, please contact us for further details.

Matters for which we currently have legal aid franchise from the Legal Aid Agency

Family & Children

You can get legal aid for:

  • care cases – cases involving social services relating to children at risk, being taken into care or in care (parents and grandparents can be represented)
  • applications for forced marriage protection orders
  • cases where your child has been or is about to be taken out of the UK without your consent
  • some High Court proceedings about the welfare of your child
  • to resolve disputes about children due to a relationship breakdown
  • an injunction (a court order) against a violent or abusive partner or family member
  • other family problems, such as divorce or if you or your child have suffered or are at risk of violence or abuse
  • if you’ve been served with proceedings under the “Hague Convention” (child abduction)



You can get legal aid for:

  • unlawful eviction
  • possession claims
  • protection from landlord harassment injunctions (court orders)
  • taking legal action against your landlord for disrepair
  • homelessness


Community Care

You can get legal aid for:

  • advice about help or services from your local authority and the NHS because of illness, disability or mental capacity (including Court of Protection cases)
  • disputes about the quality of care in hospitals and residential or nursing homes
  • disputes about abuse or neglect issues



You can get legal aid if you disagree with a special educational needs decision about your child.

Our fees vary across the type of legal service being provided. Furthermore, fees may also depend on the time it takes to do the work, and the experience of the solicitor involved. Please see below our pricing information in respect of the following areas of work.

Miscellaneous and Hourly Rates

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